Why I Write?

Willynn S. Thompson is a devoted wife, mother, and writer. Her writings are narratives reflective of her process of becoming, the woman she is today and who she hopes to be in the future. She writes about her tensions, triumphs, and truths on her blog, The Process of Becoming. In her quest to be complete, she writes her journey. She hopes her readers will find the courage as well as the boldness to embrace their process of becoming and to live to speak it out loud.

Quotes that Mirror My Soul

But the uniqueness that comes from being our true self is not a uniqueness of our own making. Identity is never simply a creation. It is always a discovery. True identity is always a gift of God.

David G. Benner

A vision we give to others of who and what they could become has power when it echoes what the spirit has already spoken into their souls.

Larry Crabb

Treat people as if they were what they ought to be, and you help them become what they are capable of becoming.


Who Am I?

Many find this question difficult to answer and respond too accurately. Over the years, I have learned to be honest about who I am and the current stage in life that I am experiencing. One thing I am most certain about is I am known, understood, and embraced by God. I stand grounded in HIS ultimate love. My identity is rooted in what HE has spoken into my realm of existence and I believe in HIS every promise.

Who I am and am striving to be more and more each day is a trustworthy servant, loyal to the causes I believe in and persistent in my pursuit of truth and meaning. I rise every morning determined to stand tall, like a pillar. Courageous in every pursuit, despite the circumstances of past mistakes. I am in the process of understanding how my history shaped me into the woman I am today. No longer looking to others as the source of my disappointment, but rather remembering them as individuals that thrust me into the greater gift of who I am today. I am resilient. I am loved and know how to be love to others around me. I am learning me each day, but most importantly I am becoming the treasure of who I was meant to be from the beginning of time.

Welcome to My Process In Becoming!